SilkSculpt™ Pro Laser Hair Removal

$239.99 $299

Effortlessly Achieve Permanent Hair Removal at Home with Our IPL Hair Removal Device

Are you sick and tired of the traditional hair removal method?

Our NEW laser hair removal has been specifically created to remove hair in the comfort and privacy of your own home and not waste money on expensive salon treatments.

Trusted By Many Happy Australians

Recommended by thousands of Aussies, our SilkSculpt™ Pro Laser Hair Removal is the best at home IPL Laser Hair Remover you can have at home. To to a restaurant grade standard, you will be amazed at how much time you save in the kitchen!

Join happy Australian customers who have enjoyed using our Laser Hair Removal and save money from expensive salon visits.

Benefits of SilkSculpt™ Pro Laser Hair Removal

✔️ At Home Permanent Hair Reduction

✔️ Gentle And Painless At Home Laser Hair Removal

✔️ Users Can Start Noticing Visible Results In Just a Few Weeks

✔️ Can Be Used On Face, Legs, Bikini Line, Arms

✔️ Versatile Flash Modes

✔️ Smooth and Silky Skin

✔️ Safe and Effective

✔️ Australian Owned and Operated

✔️ Risk Free - 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

The Best Laser Hair Removal at home device You Will Ever Buy 

Our IPL Laser Hair Removal device will remove up to 95% of unwanted hair after 6-12 weeks. (Effects vary from person to person).  Two flashing modes can meet your needs in different hair removal positions.  You can remove hair at home, saving you money and time.

Why Do You Need SilkSculpt™ Pro Laser Hair Removal?

Using razors, hair removal cream or paying for expensive salon removal is a painful and expensive way to remove hair.  Our at home Laser Hair Removal tool allows you to remove hair safely and permanently within 6 -12 weeks in the comfort of your own home. 

Razors will also cause ingrown hairs and cuts and result in bumps and cuts over your skin. This means your skin won't be silky and smooth using a Laser Hair Remover will greatly improve your skin and the removal of hair.

Our Guarantee:

100% satisfaction or your money back! Sounds too good to be true? Just try out the SilkSculpt™ Pro Laser Hair Removal for 14 days! If you are not satisfied, we simply take it back - no questions asked. That is how confident we are since thousands + of other Customers have used it.

How Does it Work?

SilkSculpt™ Pro Laser Hair Removal harnesses the power of advanced IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology to effectively target and disrupt the hair growth cycle at its root.

✔️ Targeted Light Energy: When activated, the device emits pulses of intense light energy directly onto the skin's surface.

✔️ Disruption of Hair Growth Cycle: The heat generated by the IPL light energy selectively damages the hair follicles, effectively disrupting their ability to grow new hair.

✔️ Hair Follicle Deactivation: Over time and with repeated treatments, the damaged hair follicles become deactivated, leading to a significant reduction in hair growth.

✔️ Customizable Treatment: SilkSculpt™ Pro offers adjustable energy levels, allowing users to customize their treatment according to their skin type and hair colour.

✔️ Two Flash Modes: The device features two flash modes to cater to different hair removal needs. Manual mode is ideal for targeting smaller areas, while automatic mode is suitable for larger areas of hair removal.

✔️ Consistent Use for Lasting Results: To achieve optimal results, consistent and regular use of the SilkSculpt™ Pro is recommended. With continued treatments over several weeks, users can experience up to 95% reduction in unwanted hair, with long-lasting results.


  • Product Name: IPL Laser Hair Removal
  • Type of Light Source: IPL (Intensive Pulse Light)
  • Number of Light: 999,999
  • Display: LED
  • Energy Level: 5 levels

    The Complete Set Includes:

    • 1 x Hair Removal Machine
    • 3 x Head
    • 1 x User Manual
    • 1 x Adapter
    • 1x Glass
    • 1x  Razor

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