Red Light Therapy Lamp with Stand

$179 $259

Meet The #1 Highest Rated 400W Infrared LED Red Light Therapy Panel

Say goodbye to expensive and time-consuming salon visits with our Red Light Therapy Lamp. Featuring 660nm red lights and 850nm near-infrared LEDs, this lamp offers four adjustable brightness levels with steady luminance and pulse modes to meet diverse therapy needs.

Our lamp comes with a stand and hang-up accessories, offering flexible usage options. Enjoy red light therapy in any room without space constraints. 

Whether for yourself or as a gift for friends and family, the Red Light Therapy Lamp with Stand is the perfect addition to any skincare enthusiast's routine.

Recommended by skincare professionals all across Australia, our Red Light Therapy Lamp with Stand is the ultimate quality therapy device for your beauty arsenal. Crafted to a professional-grade standard, this lamp will significantly enhance your skincare routine.

Join countless satisfied Australian customers who have integrated our therapy lamp into their beauty and wellness routines, finding them simpler and more effective. Experience the transformative benefits of professional-grade red light therapy in the comfort of your home.

    Benefits of 360° Rotating Makeup Organiser

    ✔️ Professional-Grade Quality

    ✔️ Health and Wellness

    ✔️ Skin Rejuvenation

    ✔️ Flexible Usage

    ✔️ User-Friendly

    ✔️ Safety and Convenience

    The Best Therapy Device You Will Ever Buy

    Our Red Light Therapy Lamp with Stand is scientifically designed to outlast and outperform regular skincare solutions. Crafted by specialist manufacturers, this high-quality therapy lamp will elevate your beauty and wellness routine to new heights.

    Why Do You Need the Red Light Therapy Lamp with Stand?

    Using outdated skincare methods can be frustrating and yield inefficient results, causing chaos in your beauty routine. Upgrading to the Red Light Therapy Lamp with Stand ensures effective treatment, organization, and a streamlined, efficient beauty and wellness routine every time.


    • LED Quantity: 90/180PCS
    • Wavelength: 660nm+850nm
    • 660nm Red Lights: 60/120PCS
    • 850nm Near Infrared lights: 30/60PCS
    • Dimming Function: 5-speed Dimming
    • Voltage: 110-220(V)
    • Working Current: 12V 3A
    • Power: 12/24W
    • Lifespan: about 50000 hours
    • Working Frequency: 50-60hz
    • Shell Color: Black
    • Use For: Skin Health & Pain Relief

    The Complete Set Includes:

    • 1 x Tripod Stand
    • 1 x Red Light Panel
    • 1 x Hang Kit
    • 1 x Power Cord + Controller
    • 1 x Protective Glasses

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